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If you don’t make it a habit to look down when you walk, then you probably wouldn’t know about #TinyDoorsATL. Starting in the summer of 2014, these tiny doors are an Atlanta based art project that “brings big wonder to tiny spaces”. Tiny Doors ATL installs tiny 6-inch doors in strategic places all over Atlanta that add to the large-scale vibrant art scene already found in the city.

Currently there are 11 doors out there for you to search for, and I was lucky enough to find 9 of them (still looking for the last 2 in Grant Park!!).

Door #1: 985 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30308IMG_5697

Door #2: Fourth Ward Skatepark on the Beltlinefullsizeoutput_cc0

Door #3: King of Pops, Elizabeth ST

Door #4: Krog Street Tunnel:


Door #4 (Updated): As of July 2017, the Krog Street door has been changed: fullsizeoutput_f70

#5: Paris On Poncefullsizeoutput_f87

#6: Center for Puppetry Arts


#7: Inman Park Pet Works


#8: Milltown Arms TavernIMG_5777

#9: Charis Books & More


(The picture I took at this location was deleted [on accident… I’m mad], so in it’s place is a picture of the same door, courtesy of J Kepper on Flickr)

I literally had so much fun searching for and finding all of these tiny doors, and I hope you all do to! Let

xoxo, Emily




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